Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Door Wreath

I love it when a plan comes together!  Unfortunately, I don't plan well so sometimes I just rely on pure chaos meeting personal deadlines accompanied by sheer determination.  Mix in a little (and I mean Little with a capital L) craftiness and sometimes I surprise myself with what I come up with.  I didn't plan on doing a "Spring Door Wreath", but after church on Sundays we occasionally stop by a thrift store and see if we can find a score.  I haven't found anything lately but I did end up picking up these beads and these flowers for less than $5 this past Sunday.

Do you ever buy something that you're not sure how you're going to use it, but you know you'll use it sometime down the road.  I'm not the only one right? When I saw the beads, I thought of Easter colors, which I'm not to crazy about because they remind me of baby shower colors.  I love Easter though and my kids love to decorate so I thought I should buy them. SHOULD.  So, I did.

The flowers were an accident.  I saw some nice fall color swags that I thought I'd buy and save for...yes, you guessed it... fall!  Then this guy came just about running down the aisle and looking through the box of fake flowers like there was a diamond hidden somewhere in there.  Am I missing something here I thought?  Really, who gets excited about plastic flowers.  I waited patiently for him to leave pretending to look at some other thing on the shelf, then looked through the box again when he was done.  Apparently, he found what he wanted, nothing diamond like, but whatever floats your boat Mr.  More flower power to you!  I didn't find the diamond either, but I did find these pink roses.  They were in good shape and just needed to be cleaned up.  We all know how ridiculously expensive these babies can be so at $2.50 they were a steel.  What would I use these things for?  Who knows?  I certainly didn't, but I was hoping inspiration would come.  Here's how it came.

Yup, I ended up making a Spring door wreath.  Any you know what? I actually like it.  I pushed through my aversion of plastic, fake flowers and used them all up.   I started out with a typical wreath I've had and used for other wreath decor.  This one I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

I decided to just wrap the beads around the wreath. The beads were hot glued together to keep a double pattern.

Then I simply cut the bunch of roses into singles and stuck them through the wreath.  I don't have wire cutters for plastics flowers but just an fyi- if you try to cut them with regular scissors, it won't work.  You have to make a cut with the scissors then twist the flower stem until the wire stem breaks off.  After, I put the stems in the wreath; if anything stuck out to far I tucked it in or glued it down.

Please don't look at my ugly, dry fingers. Don't do it.  Just resist.  I know I desperately need some lotion and maybe a manicure, but you see I have this condition known as kids, and as long as they're around, priorities don't include hand treatments.  I will however put on some lotion more often.

After the beads were in place and the flowers were rooted in the wreath, I simply wrapped ribbon around the wreath and hung it.

With the extra bunch of the pink roses, I simply put them in this pitcher I've had around for a while. The best part is I don't have to water them!

They sit next to my DIY Easter Sign I just finished making.  The Spring decor is coming along. 

The Spring door decor is not complete, but it will be.  A little more chaos, determination, and craftiness should get it all done soon.  What do you think?  Are you working on some Spring projects too?  Would love to hear from you.



  1. Oh my, take a bow!

    You've put a "spring" in my step with your creative loveliness.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. The beads totally make it!

    1. The beads are different, and I like different!

  3. Visiting via Wow Us Wednesday....
    Darling wreath!
    So colorful and just perfect for Spring.
    Happy Easter.

  4. OMG...you have amazing vision. I cannot believe that wreath came from that twine. The beads were a wonderful idea. I would expect to pay a small fortune for something so elegant. Thank you for this wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope to see you there.


    1. Thanks, Paula!
      I just visited your blog-love it! See you Wednesday!

  5. Oh what a pretty wreath! I love the spring look with all those pretty flowers and the white ribbon! Just lovely!

    1. Thanks, Maria.
      And thank you for visiting.

  6. That is one of the prettiest wreaths I have seen around. You did such a good job. I love your blog, I'm now following you. I would like to invite you to come and visit me @ http://www.arosiesweethome.com/
    I have a Sunday party that is still open if you want to share anything. I would love it if you did.

    1. Thanks, Rose
      I visited your blog tonight. Enjoyed reading everything. I'll be coming by on Sundays to link up. Thanks for the invite!

  7. So pretty.......great job. Im your newest follower. Please come visit me and hopefully you'll follow back? THANKS. 8-)

  8. Fun and sweet--those beads look like candy. Thanks for linking up!

  9. So pretty! I love the pastel colors :) Perfect for spring!