Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesday #20- For the Munchkins

Wow! I can't believe we've had 20 weeks of Tips and Tricks Tuesday.  Time certainly goes by fast when you're having fun!  As always, Tuesdays are our days to get together and review some tips from Pinterest, blogland, and right here from Lewisville.  If you've missed out on our Tuesday get together, go ahead and  review a few past post.  You may just find something to make your life at home a little easier!

Today's tips have our kids in mind.  We can encourage them to play outside both in the summer and winter months.  Here are some great recipes for fun!

Tip 1.   I've done this before and it works great!  Spray paint games on the grass outside and let the kids have at it!  The paint last until you mow the lawn and it doesn't hurt the grass. 

Tip 2.   This is something I hadn't thought of before, but what a great and simple idea.  Let the kids get creative outside by painting the snow!  Pour water into squirt bottles and add a few drops of food coloring.  Your little Van Goghs can get creative with their own masterpieces.  And what a great way to get little ones outside during those cold months who can't play with sleds yet.


Tip 3.   Make your own side walk paint that washes off just as easy as chalk.  We all love chalk, but paint is a different treat for the kids.  Just mix on part water with 1 part cornstarch.  Add food coloring and Voila!   Give the kids some sponge brushes and their own cement space. 

Tip 4.  Here's something for all those bake sales coming up during the school year.  I love making cupcakes over cookies because they're so much easier for a quick baked dessert.  Storing them for travel and individual gifting/sale/ snack (like your kid's games) is another story.  Here's an easy solution.  Place them in 9 oz. clear plastic cups.  Their perfect for cupcakes and you can wrap them any way you want if needed.  These below are so cute I think!

Tip 5.  Here's another way to wrap cupcakes, but a little more expensive.  Place them in small storage containers, the kind you find in the grocery store near plastic bags.  Place the cupcake on the lid and use the container as the lid to snap it in place.   Add ribbon, stickers, bows, or whatever you need for your festive occasion.  Another great tip I think.
Hope you enjoyed today's Tips and Tricks Tuesday.  We'll see you back here on Thursday....so much is happening in the house.  I have to get my post organized!


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  1. I love the paint idea I'll have to try it with the kiddos before it get's too cold. Have you done it yourself? Do you know if it stains clothes?

    KM Logan @lessonsfromivy.com