About Me

Hi there! I’m Lisa and welcome to Lewisville, my home. I’m a girl on a mission to design, decorate, clean, and organize my home, all while making my pennies scream and my family say, “Wow”. I’m not an expert in any way, just a D.I.Y.er inspired to do things for my home with a little creativity, a little bit of money, and some extra time. This blog is meant to inspire and encourage every one of you who desires to live an abundant and joyful life at home, all while pouring a whole lot love into it for your family and all who enter it.

Lewisville includes my one and only, whom I’ve been married to for 22 years, and our three awesome kiddos. The day my oldest was born, I came home from work and have been creating and re-creating our home/life together. A few years later, we made the decision to home school our munchkins and haven’t looked back. They’re my technical advisors, photographers, facebook and instagram contributers, and sometimes computer tutors. Thanks, shorties.
I’m so thankful for my life at home as mom and wife, but it’s a role that I continually grow in; a role that continues to give me an education, especially about myself. Lewisville is my labor of love.

It’s not always easy to be a mom and wife, and most days, I’m pretty sure I’m doing it all wrong. I’ve learned many lessons (the hard way) along this awesome journey and my hope is to encourage you in yours. We shouldn’t insist on perfection in the home, ever. Our facebook smiles and beautiful pictures with a side of perfectly prepared meals don’t always match the reality of what’s happening inside our four walls. The truth is we have crying toddlers (or teens), bills that might be over due, and tonight’s dinner just set the oven on fire…again. Instead, a lot of grace is given here because a lot of grace has been received here!

I started this blog in 2012 because I discovered power tools and paint can be a girl’s secret weapon in creating and decorating her home. I love finding old furniture treasures at the thrift store and giving them a makeover. But my greatest makeover has been my very own heart. I once dreaded being a stay at home mom. The days don’t ever end, the work keeps piling up, and you begin to wonder if you’ve lost your identity. Ever been there? It’s the hardest thing we’ll ever do, and whether you’re a full time working mom, stay at home mom or somewhere in between,  this season of life and the strain it brings can be tough. I’ve learned to be strong and courageous in this walk. Here is where I share my ups, my downs, the good, the bad, and everything in between. I want my family to thrive, and my marriage to be fiercely strong.

My greatest desire is to live a life worthy of my calling. My calling as a wife and mom is ever dependent on my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s from Him that any creativity from my work comes. My prayer is that you would be blessed as you read this blog, and may your home always be filled with Love.

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