April Home Challenge- Kid’s Room

It’s April and that means we have a new room to focus our attention on this month. We’ve done bathrooms, closets, kitchens, and now we’re moving to the kid’s room for April’s Home Challenge. We take a week to focus our attention to cleaning, a week to organize, a week to decorate and/or work on a project for the room.


I have three kiddos so this month, I’ll be working on the my girls’ bedrooms. My girls are teens, so we’re done with all the princess decor and explosion of pink paint. They’re ready for an upgrade.

Don’t worry. You’ll have another month to work on the other kids’ rooms, too. Just keep your focus to one or two kids’ room at the most this month.

My girls’ have small bedrooms, so my challenge really lies in finding more space for them.

Here are a few teen girl inspired bedrooms from my Pinterest board.










bf3c0bece05018385b7776de1af59f8aWhat will we end up with?

For this next week, lets keep our focus on cleaning the room. My girls are older so they’ll be doing most of it. I get to supervise this part of the challenge.

Cleaning a kid’s bedroom involves the following:

  • cleaning out the closet and donating old clothes that don’t fit.
  • cleaning out the drawers and donating old clothes that don’t fit.
  • cleaning under the bed
  • cleaning out nightstand, bookshelves, desk
  • dusting everything
  • storing  and donating toys/items the kids no longer use
  • clean the furniture
  • clean mirrors/window
  • vacuum or mop

A week should be enough time even, but I know how “challenging” those rooms can get. We’ll come back next week and see how we did. Then the fun begins with organizing!


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