How to Build a Barn Door for Any Room

The kid’s room is April’s project of the month! We take a week to clean, a week to organize, and a week or two to decorate and complete projects. I’m still in the organizing phase of my daughters’ rooms, but I have to show you a project that helped get my teen girls better organized. To give them each their own space and room, I built a barn door.

barn door

This is really an open room down in our basement it wasn’t getting much use. The girls were sharing a tiny bedroom, and we decided to make this extra room a bedroom for our younger daughter. Since we rent the home, we can’t build any walls, so building a partition for privacy became my next project goal.

Here’s what you will need to build a barn door:

I started off by making plans and measuring my space for the door. A trip to the Home Depot was in order and I had my list in hand. I knew what I was doing. I got this.

The height of my door space was just under 8 feet tall. I was looking for the thinnest piece of wood I could build with and came across underlayment. It was perfect for this project.



I also brought home my wood studs which I had cut to size there at the store.


At home, I set my plan into motion, but back to the store I went because I realized the underlayment also needed to be cut. There was no way I could get the 4’x8′ piece down my winding stairs, so long cut strips were needed. I just kept telling myself- I know what I’m doing. I got this.


Each panel was cut to 12 inches wide, but this is where your own measurements will be taken into consideration. I stained the wood and let it dry for a day or two.


I made the frame there in the basement to be 4’x8′.


A charged drill will drive your wood screws into place. Be sure to make a pilot hole first before trying to drill a screw through the pieces. Not sure how or what a pilot hole is? Watch this short video.


Next, I added the castors to the bottom of the door and started adding the wood panels.


I tested my door frame…and it didn’t fit! I didn’t account for the sneaky bulk head there so I needed to shave about 4 inches. Again, I know what I’m doing. I got this.


Once that was fixed, I used wood glue to place the underlayment panels, then secured them with screws.



This is what it looks like from behind with one side done. My artist made her mark.


I added smaller, left over underlayment pieces from this project to the top and bottom of the barn door. They were stained in ebony and helped to give more of an authentic, rustic look.



Now onto hardware. Barn door hardware cost about $150. I wanted to find an alternative not only because of cost, but also because there was no wall above to attach the hardware to the door. My solution is simple but one that doesn’t completely work with such a heavy door. This is wood after all. Many people suggest plumbers pipes, but you have to cut those to size at specialty shops. I decided to use a closet rod and spray paint.


Closet rods are long enough to fit across the room, and don’t forget to buy pole sockets.


I  used Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to coat the “hardware.”

Oil Rubbed Bronze



And up it went into the room as a divider. If you use this method, make sure to secure where the two poles converge. I used a thick packing tape that no one notices.


The eye screws were placed at the top of the barn door to help traction, but make sure you purchase screws large enough for the poles to fit through.


Lastly, attach a door handle. I added a simple black one, but something longer, I think, is more appropriate. I just might need to change this before the end of the month.


And now we have a Barn Door and a little privacy. Curtain on the side is from Target.

DIY barn door

barn door

Barn doors have become really popular in the last year or two. They’re beautiful and there are many different styles to choose from. This is a simple style that we liked, but building it may require some trouble shooting. Just keep telling yourself, “I know what I’m doing. I got this.”






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