Linen Closet Labels- Free Printables

Linen closet labels are here! I’ve been wanting to finalize the linen closet, our project of the month way back in February, with these colorful labels. Labels instantly organize and even the smallest closet can become beautiful. I added labels to basket and bins and I’m making these linen closet labels available to you as a free download. Just pick a color and print!

linen closet labels


As I finish up on other projects around the house and this month’s project of the month, I wanted to get these labels out as a final touch to our linen closet make overs.

linen closet labels linen closet labels

The download includes eight pages with six labels each. There are two pages (12 total labels) left blank for you to specialize for your own family’s needs. You also have three colors to choose from.

I used these light blue labels for my own linen closet.

linen closet labels

But there’s green also if that’s what you like. I printed the labels (use stock paper for best results),used packing tape to protect the paper since I don’t have a laminating machine, and simply punched a hole at the top.

linen closet labels

And darker blue really stands out.


As always, I hope you enjoy the labels and that they come in handy as you get organized.  My desire is to make all my labels and other printables free for all my LOVELY readers. Don’t you just LOVE free printables?  Me too! So if you haven’t signed-up to get my emails make sure you do, and you’ll be updated on other printable labels and all the good stuff here on LewisvilleLove. Also, please feel free to share the labels via pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc. or with your friends and family by directing them to this blog post. I’d LOVE that too!  Happy labeling and happy organizing!

Now it’s back to April’s Home project where we’re cleaning, organizing, and decorating the kid’s room!

Light blue linen closet labels- download and Print Here

Green linen closet labels- download and Print Here

Dark blue linen closet labels- download and Print Here


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