May Home Challenge

I can’t believe we are already in May! Time is flying by and we are ready for the next room in our 2016 monthly home challenge. This month, we’ll be working on our patios, yards, curb appeal and everything and all things outside. If you have an area outside your home that you’ve been meaning to tackle, this is the month to do it.


If it’s the back yard that needs your attention, this is the month it gets it. Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding colorful plants this year or changing up your walkway. This is the month to start planning, preparing, and finishing that one project.

You’ve thought about painting the front door. It’s May and time to do it. The screen needs to be fixed? We’re not waiting another month to do it. Or maybe you just want to add seating and lounging. Time to set a budget and see what you can find.

My front yard is in DESPERATE need of some attention. I’ll be showing you my before and after pictures this month and showing you what I’m working on as the month progresses.

For those of you who joined me last month with the kid’s room, the pictures are coming. Teen girls rooms and the teens that occupy them, take a little longer with decision making than I thought. Much longer.

Until Thursday, when I’ll show you my first outdoor project, have a blessed day in the sun!


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