Printable Pantry Labels

One of the best ways to organize is to simply use labels. That familiar saying made famous by Ben Franklin, “A place for everything and everything in its place” still holds true today. Using labels is one of the best ways to help us get organized and stay organized! Last month we organized our kitchen, including our pantry. Today, I’m making my printable pantry labels available again. Just click on the post link below and print.

Here are the pantry labels!



And here are blank labels where you can download and add your own label like gluten free, side dishes, etc.


I have also added these small blank labels for you to print.

I printed the labels on white card stock paper, and I advise you to laminate them after printing.  You can buy self laminating peel paper at any office supply or places like Walmart.  By the way, I didn’t have laminating peel paper so I used packing tape instead. Works great!


Hope you enjoy the labels and that they come in handy as you get organized.  My desire is to make all my labels and other printables free for all my LOVELY readers. Don’t you just LOVE free printables?  Me too! So if you haven’t signed-up to get my emails make sure you do and you’ll be updated on other printable labels I’ll be making available soon-very soon. Also, please feel free to share the labels via pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc. or with your friends and family by directing them to this blog post. I’d LOVE that too!  Happy labeling!

Getting organized here and staying organized here- That’s my goal!



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