Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Ideas for an Organized Teen Girl’s Room

Organizing any room can be a challenge, but the teenage girl doesn’t just want her room organized. She wants it organized and pretty. Look and functionality must collide so mommas across the nation can smile and their daughter(s) can enjoy their own space. Below, you’ll find some ideas to help organize a teen girl’s room. They’re functional and pretty, and each will provide inspiration for April’s Project of the Month– the kid’s room, regardless of your child’s age.

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The Organized Closet Space

Use bins, baskets, crates, and totes and labels are always a good idea!


4776a6c7825d0941c4301d7bbcae3143Closet systems are great and can be found at Ikea and home improvement stores.

9e394465070ce1a5a0cb4e7bd4971591Use Bookshelves for storage

Bookshelves aren’t just for books anymore. Use for storage and to display their favorite items.



8fc9e51b0cf6289610a46b76fb4b1d0fProvide a Workstation

It could be a dresser, vanity, or desk. Or you may have a piece of furniture that combines all three. Give them a place to sit, work on homework or just text, write a letter to their best friend or a novel, do their hair or make faces in the mirror.




4a080148542a3d650abf2d78bf761c55Get Creative  and Organize knick-knacks, this-n-that, gizmos and gadgets

It’s not just about bins and baskets. Find creative ways to organize all that stuff they can’t live without. Love, Love, Love this guitar case storage idea!



3-colorful-jewelry-containersCommand hooks help instantly organize purses, scarves, jewelry, etc.


how-to-hanging-planter-w540Screen-Shot-2016-02-23-at-9.38.03-PMLove this idea of using shopping bags!

bedroomorganizationtips19These crates can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

Super-Easy-Crate-StorageAnd in a world of selfies, picture displays are a teen girl’s version of a gallery wall.


c53f170645441ce9a0fbc7d37ba53c47Use Under the Bed Storage

Even if you don’t have a captains bed, under the bed is prime storage space. Use it wisely!



d261a28fe135b27864976f3bae5378f9Or make your own under the bed storage


We are on our way to getting the kid’s room organized. My two teen girls have blessed me so much in the past couple of months. They’ve worked hard in school, pressed through difficult challenges, and always offer to help not just me, but others in their lives. They have patiently waited for their rooms to get worked on, and I want this month’s challenge to bless them for all they do.

Do you have a kiddo that’s just awesome? Of course you do! Let’s get in their rooms, help them clean and organize it; and in the next two weeks, we’ll work on making it a space they’ll love. That’s the beauty of working on one room, one month at a time.






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