Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Small Bedroom Ideas

We have a small house. I affectionately call it the doll house, and I’m very thankful for it even though my family outgrew it a while ago. It can be difficult sometimes when five people are wanting to be in the same space, and even more difficult when you home school your kids and they need “extra” space. As I work on this month’s home project- the kid’s room- I recognize the tiny rooms my girls have endured for the last few years- without complaint. Love them. So as I work on making their rooms beautiful and lovely and a better space for them and their unique personalities, I want to share my ideas for making the most of a small bedroom. Here are some ideas for utilizing every inch of those small bedrooms and making those rooms look a little bigger.

Hang Curtains High and Wide. This is true for any room. Hanging curtains to the ceiling instantly make any room look larger. Curtains come in the standard 84″ length, but you can find extra long 96″ length curtain at more places now.




Get Creative. This usually means going again the “norms.” You don’t have to have a nightstand or even a dresser. Look how this couple solved their “no-closet” small bedroom problem. They used wardrobes on each side of their bed.


Go Vertical with shelving. With small spaces, work with the height of the walls. The eyes automatically move up, given you more to look at- more space!


1534fb453697ab06241005d4b._w.540_s.fit_And be sure to use the corners!



Double Duty is a must. Use desk as nightstands and  small shelving does wonders.





Go Big with art or have a focal wall. Let the eyes camp in one place for a while and take it all in.


Guest Room Amethyst West Elm bedding with Ikea Ekby Shelves at

Any small bedroom can be cozy, beautiful, and with careful planning, spacious. Do you have a small room that can use some re-design? Consider yourself challenged to make use of every area in your room.



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