Update Patio Furniture with Spring Color

It’s looking dark and drab. You’ve had it for years and it’s come in handy. It’s still useful, providing your family with needed seating to enjoy the outdoors. Now, you look at the patio furniture you’ve had for years and realize, “It looks like I’ve had this patio furniture for years!” It’s time for an update, but have you looked at the prices on patio furniture lately? Seriously, we’re talking house payment, and for those of us who are privileged to enjoy four complete seasons, this enormous house investment can only be enjoyed during a few precious months. Hmmm, what to do? My proposal and ultimate solution, update your patio furniture with spring colors! Spray paint, paint, and stain to the rescue.

A few years ago, I bought this small picnic table at a yard sale for $5. It was a bargain, hand crafted, and sturdy. I loved everything about it except the wood looked worn and weathered. I sanded it down and stained the piece in minwax ebony.

picnic table needing stain

I love the dark tones. You can read about the transformation and process HERE.

picnictable in Ebony stain

The table needs a new coat of stain for this summer, but you can see the difference stain can make.


I also updated an old park bench last year.


It was green. Enough said, but the wood also needed sanding and staining. You can read about this park bench transformation HERE.

parkbench makeover

This bench also needs an update of stain now, but the black spray paint still looks new. It’s gorgeous and we love using it throughout summer.

This week, I’m updating a small outdoor table and chair that sits on my front porch. It’s dated and dirty, but I love sitting out there drinking coffee, making phone calls, or just reading my Bible.




I gave it a good cleaning, pressure washing it with my water hose. Next, just pick a color of spray paint and proceed.


I chose a new color called Seaside. My house is beige and white. There’s not much color so I chose something that would pop from the curb.


I wanted some of the darker tones to come through the new paint, so it still has that iron look. Now, I need to add flowers and begin decorating this porch to welcome all those who enter Lewisville!


I’m just loving these warm spring days. Time to get busy.




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